About Us



Australian Weaving Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s largest textile groups and brand manager of home textiles. Our heritage can be traced back to 1927 with the establishment of a towel weaving plant in Yarraville, Victoria. Today, Australian Weaving’s brands include dri.glo, Dickies and Freckles, these brands are amongst the most trusted and iconic in Australian home fashions. In addition to our own brands, Australian Weaving manufactures a range of products under licence agreements, these brands include Esprit Home, RM Williams and Christy. Australian Weaving’s Commercial Divison has serviced the hospitality industry since the early 1970’s, representing brands Tara Plus, The Cottonfield Collection as well as numerous home branded ranges.

Our staff are experts in their fields and our knowledge of the market ensures we meet our consumers needs. We love colour and are leaders in our ability to move into new shades. Our modern weaving facility enables us to create luxurious solid colour towels, jacquard border towels or all over textured towels.

With an impressive history in manufacturing and marketing, Australian Weaving Pty Ltd continues to lead the way in textile design and quality Australian made towelling.


Made in Australia

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Australian made is synonymous with high quality which is why we are proud to be the only Australian based towel manufacturer.  Every day, consumers make a conscious decision to buy Australian made products because they are confident in the quality of the product they are buying. With our iconic dri.glo towel being manufactured at our weaving mill in Wangaratta, Victoria, Australian Weaving Pty Ltd is proudly supporting Australian industry and our dri.glo towel is further supporting our farmers.

Our Australian made product is renowned and trusted for its quality, value and lasting performance.


Manufacturing process

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Our weaving mill, located in Wangaratta, Victoria, controls each part of the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Manufacturing starts with the selection of only the highest quality yarn to ensure we weave the softest, most absorbent and durable towel. Our unique weaving method ensures that the weight of our pile is in the loop of the towel, which is the part that actually dries you. We have capabilities to manufacture not only plain dyed towels but also jacquards, dobby designs and our selection of decorative headers is second to none.

Once the towel is woven, it goes through a dyeing processes ending with a Stenter, a Stenter is a continuous dryer which dries and sets the dimensions of the towel according to specification. This is why our Australian made towels retain their size and shape, wash after wash.

The final stage is hemming where the towel is finished, packed and ready for distribution.

Our quality assurance team ensures they check the towel at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality of towels are released to the market place. This is why you can be assured that between the creative minds who design the look of the towel, our manufacturing process, and our quality assurance team, we only bring you a towel worthy of the Australian Made standard.

Core Competencies

Australian Weaving Pty Ltd is the only local large scale towel manufacturer, with over 88 years of being at the forefront of home fashion and design in Australia with brands dri.glo and Dickies. In addition to our own brands, Australian Weaving is a brand manager representing iconic international brands such as Christy and Esprit as well as home grown RM Williams homewares. The commercial side of our business caters for the needs of our hospitality sector through brands such as Tara Plus, The Cottonfield Collection as well as a number of home branded ranges.

What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is our unique manufacturing process which ensures a more absorbent and durable towel compared to an overseas manufactured one. We are commited to reducing carbon foot print and we keep Australian jobs and dollars close to home.

As we own our own mill, we control our own production ensuring we are always first to market with the latest colours and trends. Our low minimum production quantites ensure we can quickly react to the changing consumer needs. Our development team is continuously striving to bring innovation to our products and brands, again setting us apart from the competition.

The best part about our brands is that with all the added benefits that set us apart from the competition, we are still competitively priced in the market place.